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December 2018 – The Mighty Microbiome

November 2018 – The Dark Side of the Universe: Cosmic mysteries and their histories

October 2018 – Sharing is Daring: Can digital platforms help us move toward more sustainable cities?

September 2018 – A Stroke of Inspiration: Advancements in Stroke Research

August 2018 – Volcano alert! Towards predicting volcanic eruptions 

July 2018 – Ancient Egyptian Mummies: May they live forever 

June 2018 – Speed breeding: accelerating crop research

May 2018 – The Superbug Wars: Managing Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

April 2018 – Wild yeasts for tasty beer

March 2018 – Could cryptocurrencies let you control & sell access to your DNA data?


December 2017 – Artifical Intelligence

November 2017 – Predicting our future: Genes and disease risk

October 2017 – Mother nature inspiring science

September 2017 – War against waste

August 2017 – Life beneath the Bay

July 2017 – Forensic facial reconstruction

June 2017 – Transforming Australia’s electricity system

May 2017 – Australia’s Jurassic Park

April 2017 – Scientists in the kitchen

March 2017 – Sharks: A deep dive


December 2016 – Detecting gravitational waves

November 2016 – 80 years of science: creating healthier and happier animals

October 2016 – How to create an Olympian

August 2016 – How is technology changing the way we plan our cities?

July 2016 – Is science any use for saving species and habitat?

June 2016 – New frontiers in 3D printing

May 2016 – Concussion: Nothing hits harder than the truth

April 2016 – What happened to Australia’s Ice Age Megafauna?


December 2015 – Mars…could there be life?

November 2015 – How Google Maps changed the World

October 2015 – The Light Fantastic

August 2015 – Fresh Science (South East Queensland Event)

July 2015 – The Glass Bead Game


May 2015 – Venomous Reptiles and their Toxins

April 2015 – Digging Deeper: Can Australian soils really feed the world?


September 2014 – Prof Ranjeny Thomas
Treating Arthritis and Diabetes in the Digital Age: A Personalised Approach

September 2014 – Prof Alex Haslam
Why Groups are the Cornerstone of Mental Health

June 2014 – Prof Mandyam Srinivasan
Of bees, birds and flying machines

April 2014 – Dr Emma Huang
Baking bread by the numbers: Statistics in agriculture

March 2014 – Dr Stefan Hajkowicz
Our Future World

October 2013 – Prof David Lambert
Evolution in the cold: Ancient DNA of Antarctic penguins

September 2013 – Prof Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
Saving the planet one ocean at a time

September 2013 – Prof Jenny Martin
How are new medicines discovered?

August 2013 – Prof Kathy Belov
Can we save the Tasmanian devil from extinction?

June 2013 – Prof Michael Ruse
Evolution and Progress: An Uneasy Symbiosis

May 2013 – Prof Hugh Possingham
The Mathematics and Economics of Marine Protected Areas

November 2012 – A/Prof Darren Curnoe
The Remarkable Asian Chapter in Our Human Evolutionary Story

October 2012 – Prof John Quiggin
What have we learned from the global financial crisis?

September 2012 – Prof Peter Harrison
Has Science Made Religion Obsolete?

September 2012 – A/Prof Ben Hankamer
Towards High-Efficiency Microalgae Biofuel Systems

July 2012 – Prof Paul Davies
The Origin and End of the Universe

June 2012 – Dr Paul Willis
Misunderstood Dinosaurs

May 2012 – Prof Bryan Gaensler
A New Way of Looking at the Sky

April 2012 – Prof Robert Cummins
Is happiness good for you?

March 2012 – Prof Rick Shine
Hopalong catastrophe: the cane toad invasion

November 2011 – Prof Alan Cooper
Ancient DNA reveals how evolution really works: climate change, humans and disease over the past 30,000 years

October 2011 – Prof Howard Wiseman
Are we living in The Matrix?

September 2011 – Prof Bernie Degnan
The genomic architecture of animals

September 2011 – Prof Matt Cooper
Superbugs  and the machine that goes ‘ping’

August 2011 – A/Prof Kent Kirshenbaum
A Soupçon of Science: Creativity at the Interface of Chemistry and Cuisine

June 2011 – Prof Aidan Byrne
Chernobyl 25 years on: Is there a future for nuclear power after Fukushima?

May 2011 – Prof Jason Spyromilio
Extremely Large Telescopes

April 2011 – Dr Kathy Townsend
Hard to stomach: Impact of marine debris on sea turtles

September 2010 – Prof Hugh Possingham
Is conservation too conservative?

September 2010 – Prof Gerard Milburn
Engineering a quantum future

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