Monday 15 September, 2014 – UQ Research Week

In September BrisScience will once again present The University of Queensland’s annual Research Week Public Lectures. This year’s talks are: Why Groups are the Cornerstone of Mental Health Prof Alex Haslam, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland Joining just one social group today you will cut your risk of being diagnosed with depression in the next … More Monday 15 September, 2014 – UQ Research Week

Monday 14 July, 2014 – AMSI Winter School public lecture

Cracking the Quantum Code Prof Andrew White, School of Mathematics and Physics, The University of Queensland In order to achieve the technology of futuristic science-fiction movies mankind needs to move beyond our current computers, which are based on technology that was first developed over half a century ago. As we approach the atomic limit of Moore’s Law … More Monday 14 July, 2014 – AMSI Winter School public lecture

Monday 26 November, 2012

The Remarkable Asian Chapter in Our Human Evolutionary Story A/Prof Darren Curnoe, Evolution and Ecology Research Centre, The University of New South Wales Until recently, discoveries in Asia had contributed little in the understanding of human evolution, meaning the world’s largest and most populated continent had been mostly irrelevant to the main game of understanding the … More Monday 26 November, 2012

Monday 22 October, 2012

What have we learned from the global financial crisis? Prof John Quiggin, School of Economics, The University of Queensland The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 came close to destroying the financial systems of the US and Europe, not to mention the credibility of the economics profession. Yet, four years after the near-meltdown of the economy, … More Monday 22 October, 2012