Tuesday 25 June, 2013

MPE Public Lecture: Environmental Intelligence for Australia Dr Rob Vertessy, Director of Meteorology and CEO Bureau of Meteorology Monitoring, assessing and forecasting environmental states and processes will be more and more important in a world facing global change and sustainability limits. Societies will be challenged to maintain, let alone improve, food security, water security and biodiversity, … More Tuesday 25 June, 2013

Monday 20 May, 2013

The Mathematics and Economics of Marine Protected Areas Prof Hugh Possingham, Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, The University of Queensland We have seen marine protected areas appear on our doorstep in Moreton Bay and across the Great Barrier Reef. Most recently the Federal Government created a system of marine reserves which added more than 2.3 million … More Monday 20 May, 2013

Wednesday 6 June, 2012 – Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus Transits of Venus are rare and historically important astronomical events. Most of Australia is well positioned to witness the next transit of Venus on Wednesday 6th June 2012. Since the phenomena was first recognized there have only been six transits of Venus – 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882 and the most recent … More Wednesday 6 June, 2012 – Transit of Venus