Monday 18 August, 2014 – National Science Week

Cosmic Connections Prof Lawrence Krauss, Arizona State University Internationally renowned physicist and science populariser Professor Lawrence Krauss is coming to Brisbane for an evening of science at a very special BrisScience National Science Week event! His talk, “Cosmic Connections”, will touch on some of the deepest questions of physics, after which Lawrence will be joined … More Monday 18 August, 2014 – National Science Week

Thursday 5 June, 2014

An Evening With Dr Michio Kaku Revolutionary physicist, bestselling author and celebrated broadcaster Dr Michio Kaku is set to enthrall and entertain audiences at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on June 5. An Evening with Dr Michio Kaku, presented by QUT, will explore the wonder and weirdness of the universe and describe how scientific advances will … More Thursday 5 June, 2014

Monday 25 November, 2013

BrisScience Debate Join BrisScience and the Australian Institute of Physics to finish off the year with our inaugural Debate on Science. Join us as two of Queensland’s great science communicators battle against two of Queensland’s foremost scientists in a light-hearted debate that will explore what makes “science” science, and seek your help in deciding which is … More Monday 25 November, 2013

Monday 13 August, 2012 – National Science Week

The BIG Questions! For National Science Week BrisScience is presenting The BIG Questions in science! At this special, ninety minute, event you will see not one, but four, scientists present some of the BIG questions in their fields of research! This event will inspire and amaze, and is an evening not to miss! Global Food Security: What … More Monday 13 August, 2012 – National Science Week

Monday 23 July, 2012

The Origin and End of the Universe Prof Paul Davies, Arizona State University The universe as we know it burst into existence 13.7 billion years ago in a big bang, and has been expanding ever since. Scientists have created an over-arching cosmic narrative of birth, evolution and eventual death, but within this framework many questions remain. … More Monday 23 July, 2012