BrisScience: The Mighty Microbiome

It seems everywhere you turn today, you can’t help hearing about the ‘microbiome’.

Most people know this has something to do with bugs (microbes) that live inside us and play an important role in our health. But where did this microbiome come from? And why all the interest now?

The University of Queensland’s Professor Phil Hugenholtz will join us to give a brief history of the microbiome and why it’s taken up a prominent role in our social consciousness.

When Monday, 3 December 2018
Time 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Venue The Edge, State Library of Queensland, South Brisbane
Arrangements Doors open at 6:00pm
Refreshments Light refreshments will be provided following the presentation
RSVP This is a free event. Please register to secure your seat.

Meet the presenter:

Professor Phil Hugenholtz completed his PhD at The University of Queensland in 1994 and then developed a career in microbiology and genomics in the USA and in Australia. His last position in the USA was as Staff Scientist (2004-2010) at the DOE Joint Genome Institute. In late 2010 he returned home to establish the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics, now comprising over 50 research and support staff. The Centre conducts culture-independent sequence-based research across a wide range of environmental, engineered and clinical ecosystems underpinned by a genome-based evolutionary framework.

2015 Postgraduate Coursework Orentation and Staff Photos.


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