CSI: BrisScience

Every night prime-time television is filled with crime-scene investigation dramas. But have you ever wondered what Brisbane’s forensic scientists are actually working on?

We’ve invited four of the best to cut through the hype and give us an insight into the real life world of forensic science.

When Monday, 7 March
Time 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Venue The Edge, State Library of Queensland, South Brisbane
Arrangements Doors open at 6pm
Refreshments Light refreshments will be provided following the presentation
RSVP This is a free event. Please register to secure your seat.

Meet our panel:

karen-blakey-thumbMs Karen Blakey is a Senior Chemist within the Illicit Drug Group at the Queensland Department of Health. Karen works to analyse a broad range of illicit drugs in her role, but her main area of interest is the identification of new psychoactive substances, including synthetic cannabinoids.

carl_stephans-thumbDr Carl N. Stephan is a forensic anthropologist and a Senior Lecturer at The University of Queensland’s School of Biomedical Sciences. Carl spearheaded the chest radiograph comparison methods now used by the USA Department of Defense’s POW/MIA Accounting Agency to assist the humanitarian effort to identify and return fallen US soldiers who fought during the Korean War. 


Ms Julianne Farrell is a forensic entomologist who consults with both government and private industry. She has worked on a range of vertebrate and invertebrate projects including necrophagous insects in Queensland, caterpillars that cause abortions in horses, invertebrate diversity on mixed farming properties, and mouse plague management in grain growing regions.


Dr Matthew Thompson is a cognitive scientist and Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Queensland and Harvard Medical School. His research looks at the nature of visual expertise in forensics and medicine, with the goal of improving safety-critical decision making. Matthew will describe how forensic science isn’t always as seen on TV.


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