7 December: Mars…could there be life?

BrisScience December

Space. It’s fascinated generations, inspiring scientists and artists alike.

This month our expert panel take an in-depth look at Mars and the future of space travel, while attempting to answer the age-old question… are we alone in the universe?

When Monday 7 November
Time 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Venue Advanced Engineering Building (Building 49), Jocks Road, The University of Queensland, St Lucia
Arrangements Doors open at 6pm
Refreshments Light refreshments will be provided following the presentation
RSVP This is a free event. Please register to secure your seat

Meet the Panel

Mark with Soyuz (cropped)Mark Rigby is the Curator of the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, his interest in Mars sparked around 1965 when the first successful spacecraft flyby of the red planet took place. He’ll look at the historic beliefs held about life on Mars, and the more recent use of spacecraft to search for evidence the planet has (or once had) suitable conditions for Martian life.

Tamara Davis


Professor Tamara Davis is a cosmologist interested in investigating new fundamental physics, including the properties of dark energy and dark matter, but has also published on astrobiology. She wants to know whether life on Earth could have originated on Mars.

Gordon Southam

Professor Gordon Southam 
is a geomicrobiologist, who uses both biological and geological sciences to examine the bacterial transformations of materials in the earth’s crust. He will ‘argue’ that we are Martian.

Michael Smart


Professor Michael Smart is an engineer and Chair of Hypersonic Propulsion, and is working to revolutionise high-speed transport through clean burning, hydrogen-fuelled engines that could make access–to-space much easier in the future.


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