14 September: The revolutionary impact of genomics on medicine & healthcare

BrisScience banner
In 2006 Professor John Mattick delved into the ‘Secrets of our Genes’ at our very first BrisScience event.

So it’s only fitting that he return to the BrisScience stage in our tenth year, to reflect on how our understanding and application of genomics has expanded in the past decade. 

Hear how extraordinary advances in DNA sequencing technology is providing unparalleled insights into human diversity and the molecular basis of genetic disorders, cancer and complex diseases that comprise the major health burden of our population.

When Monday 14 September
Time 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Venue The Edge, State Library of Queensland, South Brisbane
Arrangements Doors open at 6.00pm
Refreshments Light refreshments will be provided following the presentation
RSVP This is a free event. Please register to secure your seat

John Mattick

John Mattick is the director of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Over the past 20 years he has pioneered a new view of the genetic programming of humans and other complex organisms, by showing that the majority of the genome, previously considered ‘junk’, actually specifies a dynamic network of regulatory RNAs that guide differentiation and development.


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