Monday 27 October, 2014 – Qskeptics

Is near term human extinction inevitable?

Dr GeoOil rigffrey Chia

Sooner or later intelligent life will end in the Universe. The Sun will eventually run out of fuel and expand engulfing the Solar System and we will become part of the mantle of the Sun; unless the clever humans of the time find themselves another planet to live on or built a new one, that’s it.

There are a number of scenarios which might bring about our demise: pandemic disease, asteroid impact, religious events (real or imagined), apocalypse (real wars), nuclear holocaust, volcanic winter, famine or the effects of climate change; all with wildly different levels of probability. It was once thought inconceivable that we could even feed the current population but we have managed, albeit with a billion people who go to bed hungry every night. Maybe population control is the answer and that may be only natural attrition by another name.

The World’s population however is growing apace but a number of nations now have negative growth (under 1% per year) leading to aging populations and a wholly different set of problems. What we are doing is not sustainable, certainly in the developed world, so what are the chances we will survive?

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