Tuesday 22 July, 2014

National Pain Week Free Public Forum

Chronic pain is notoriously difficult to treat, affects one in five Australians, and costs the Australian economy $34 billion each year. Please join us to learn more about how research is helping to change this.

Scientists at the IMB Centre for Pain Research aim to improve quality of life for people living with pain by understanding how the body feels pain. From this new knowledge, we are developing targeted drugs and diagnostics to detect and individually treat pain, without the risk of addiction and dangerous side effects of current drugs. Specifically, our research focuses on treating pain that is difficult to manage, such as neuropathic, diabetic, chemotherapy, and cancer pain.

The presentations at this free public forum are:

The science of pain and recent advances in pain research
Professor Richard Lewis
Lab Head, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Director, IMB Centre for Pain Research

New methods for managing severe and chronic pain
Professor Julia Fleming
Director, Professor Tess Cramond Multidisciplinary Pain Centre, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
Adjunct Clinical Professor, UQ School of Medicine

How centipede venom could be the new morphine
Professor Glenn King
Lab Head, Institute for Molecular Bioscience

National Pain Week 510x140

  • Time: 6 – 7pm, Tuesday 22 July, 2014.
  • Venue: Large seminar room, Queensland Biosciences Precinct, The University of Queensland.
  • Registration: Please click here to register.
  • Refreshments: Refreshments will be served after the talks.
  • Questions? For any further information please email imbevents@uq.edu.au.

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