Monday 14 July, 2014 – AMSI Winter School public lecture

Cracking the Quantum Code

Prof Andrew White, School of Mathematics and Physics, The University of Queensland

code lock 300x260In order to achieve the technology of futuristic science-fiction movies mankind needs to move beyond our current computers, which are based on technology that was first developed over half a century ago. As we approach the atomic limit of Moore’s Law computers will need to change from silicon chips to quantum processes.

In this public lecture Prof White will lead you through the progress and the pitfalls of quantum computing and cryptography. He will explain how these machines, which use strange subatomic behaviour, could spark a computer revolution.

  • Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm, Monday 14 July, 2014.
  • Venue: The EdgeState Library of Queensland, South Brisbane.
  • Arrangements: Doors open at 6pm. No need to book – just show up!
  • Refreshments: There will be complimentary drinks and nibblies following the talk, where Prof Andrew White will be available to answer any questions.
  • Questions? For any further information please contact Andrew.

Andrew White 197x250

Prof Andrew White enjoys communicating the weirdness of quantum mechanics while making sure people know just how much fun science really is.

Over the years Andrew has conducted research on various topics including shrimp eyes, nuclear physics, optical vortices, and quantum computers. He likes quantum weirdness for its own sake, but his current research aims to explore and exploit the full range of quantum behaviours—notably entanglement—with an eye to engineering new technologies and scientific applications.

Andrew is the Deputy Director at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS) and Program Manager at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computing and Communication Technology (CQC2T).

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This BrisScience event is proudly sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Science Institute.


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