Monday 26 May, 2014

Scientist in the kitchen II: It’s all about texture

Dr Joel Gilmore, ROAM Consulting

Caviar 300x200Back by popular demand, physicist and science communicator Dr Joel Gilmore returns to share some more science and techniques from the world of molecular gastronomy and food science: showing how science is helping us cook better.

This year, we’re looking at the science of foams: from meringues to angel cakes to the perfect ice cream. From the conventional (are plastic bowls actually bad for beating egg whites?) to the intriguing (making foams out of fruit juice) to the extreme (melt in your mouth desserts using liquid nitrogen and some high pressure gas), Joel will show how the same key science underlies many different dishes. More significantly, he’ll explain how these ideas, plus some clever technological and chemical engineering, have been stretched to create some intriguing new textures and means of delivering flavours where it counts.

With live demonstrations of each dish (projected onto the big screen) and taste tests throughout, you’ll take away not only a deeper understanding of physics and chemistry but practical tips for your own cooking and further experimentation. (Although you might need to bribe a scientist for your liquid nitrogen!)

For those that missed last year’s Scientist in the kitchen: How science is changing how we cook an encore will be held one week prior on Monday the 19th of May.

Joel Gilmore 279 x 191Dr Joel Gilmore completed a PhD in physics at the University of Queensland in 2007. He then spent two years as a full time science communicator, managing  a group of physics performers that he co-founded in 2002 and doing public lectures, radio and television appearances. In 2008, he joined ROAM Consulting where he is now the Principal of the Renewable Energy & Climate Policy team, providing advice to industry and government on transitioning Australia to a low emissions future.

As a great lover of cooking (and even more so of eating) Joel has begun applying his physics background to understanding food and cooking. In his spare time, he likes swing dancing, theatre sports, travelling (43 countries so far), stand-up comedy, learning new musical instruments and, occasionally, unicyling to work.