Monday 19 May, 2014

Before seeing the sequel Scientist in the Kitchen II: It’s all about the texture make sure you see the original by coming to an encore of last year’s:

Scientist in the kitchen: How science is changing how we cook

Tea ravioli

We are approaching a revolution in the way we cook. Food scientists are now able to tell us not just what works in the kitchen but why, identifying the underlying (horrendously complicated!) chemical processes. Even better, equipped with the latest technology science can help us cook in better, or even completely new ways. Armed with the twin tools of knowledge and technology, the world’s leading chefs are creating new flavours, textures and experiences that are making their way into the home kitchen.

Dr Joel Gilmore returns for a repeat performance to discuss the science AND demonstrate the methods behind cutting edge cuisine: from cooking the perfect steak in a rice cooker to how a whiskey sour is like a pavlova to the latest developments in molecular gastronomy (such as coffee caviar and green tea ravioli)! He’ll also demonstrate how equipment that formerly cost thousands of dollars is now cheaper than many microwave ovens.

We’ll project all the demonstrations onto the big screen for maximum visibility, and there’ll be taste tests afterwards for the keen. So come along to see how chemistry, physics and even psychology all play a role in the dishes of tomorrow, and get some practical tips on how to cook better – with science!

*Please note, this is event is a repeat of the BrisScience event held on the 12th of August 2013. As such, it will be very similar in content – but we will have improved technology if you’d like to see sous vide in all its glory, and is a perfect prelude to the talk on texture the following week*