Monday 31 March, 2014 – Qskeptics

BIO Fuels

Prof Ben Hankamer, CSIRO

BIO FuelsThe issues concerning fossil fuel are well known but is the next impasse to be virulent GMO algae in the environment? Bio fuel research is far more advanced than most people know. The ideal algae is more than likely going to be a GMO organism designed to produce diesel virtually without processing. The competition between the various players is fierce. Amazing and potentially planet saving; huge research efforts are going into, organisms and production facilities and indeed a boy has produced some in his backyard.

The financial implications however, are mind boggling; a whole paradigm shift in Global economics. Australia, with lots of sundrenched land available may be the ideal place to produce the world’s bio fuel and soak up CO2 from the atmosphere at the same time. Is this a real win win?

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