Monday 24 February, 2014 – Qskeptics

The Global Pollination Crisis: Description, Causes, Consequences and Solutions


Dr Tim Heard, CSIRO

The global pollination crisis has become a household term. But is it real or a media beat-up? To what extent do our crops rely on bee pollination? Are bees and other pollinators really under threat? If so can we do anything about it? Tim will describe the importance of pollinating insects in our food supply chain and what is happening to them. He will then discuss solutions: managing landscapes and developing alternative pollinators with a focus on the native stingless bees of the tropical regions of the world, including northern Australia.

  • Time: Meet at 6pm for dinner. Talk commences at 7:30pm.
  • Venue: The Redbrick Hotel, South Brisbane.
  • Questions? For any further information please contact Bob.

This event is organised by Qskeptics, the Queensland branch of The Australian Skeptics. Qskeptics have been running public forums on topics of interest since the turn of the century. Click here to find out more about Qskeptics.


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