Sunday 2 February, 2014

2014 marks 60 years of the Australian Academy of Science, 50 years of the ABC Science unit, and 20 years of the Australian Science Communicators. To celebrate the ASC and BrisScience are presenting a very special triple-anniversary event.   

The Storytelling of Science

As attention spans shrink, engaging others with science is getting harder, but does this have to be the case? Whether it is Archimedes taking a bath or an apple falling on Newton’s head, stories are far more engaging and easier to remember than the facts science has to offer.

The ABC, the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Science Communicators, and BrisScience are bringing Australia’s top scientists and communicators together to explore the storytelling of science. See the best in the nation tell their own story of science, and drive their discussion on the stories behind cutting edge science. From the origin of the universe to the exciting technologies that will change our future, this event is one story you will want to hear.

Please note that this is a ticketed event. Tickets can be purchased online.

  • Time: 3 – 6pm, Sunday 2 February, 2014
  • Venue: The EdgeState Library of Queensland, South Brisbane.
  • Registration: Tickets are SOLD OUT.
  • Refreshments: There will be an intermission where afternoon tea will be served.
  • Questions? For any further information please contact Andrew.

This event’s panel of storytellers are:

Peter Adams 172x250

Prof Peter Adams, The University of Queensland

Peter Adams is a professor of Mathematics, and Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Science at the University of Queensland. His research interests vary from: applied mathematics, studying DNA sequencing and drug design; pure mathematics, studying graph theory and design theory; and high performance computing.

Peter is a member of the executive of Science and Technology Australia, and is an Australian Teaching Fellow of the Office of Learning and Teaching. Peter has the honour of being the only person to have won both the UQ Teaching Excellence Award and a UQ Research Excellence Award.

Tim Flannery 200x250

Prof Tim Flannery, Climate Council

Tim Flannery is a mammalogist, palaeontologist, environmentalist and global warming activist. He was the Chief Commissioner of the Climate Commission, a Federal Government body providing information on climate change to the Australian public. On 23 September 2013 Flannery announced that he would join other sacked commissioners to form the independent Climate Council, that would be funded by the community.

Tim was named Australian of the Year in 2007, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and is the chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council, an international climate change awareness group.

Jenny Graves 167x250

Prof Jenny Graves, Australian Academy of Science 

Jenny Graves has a highly acclaimed international reputation for her work in mammalian genetics and comparative genomics on Australian marsupials and monotremes. Her research has raised profound questions about human biology and mammalian evolution, and her research on the likely eventual disappearance of men has attracted worldwide media attention.

Jenny graduated from Adelaide University and received a Fulbright award to undertake a PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, USA. Jenny was selected as the 2006 laureate for the Asia-Pacific region L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for women in science. She is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and a Research Director at the Australian Research Council Centre for Kangaroo Genomics.

Lynne Malcolm 180x250

Lynne Malcolm, ABC Science

Lynne Malcolm is the Executive Producer of Radio National’s Science Unit, a position she has held for 15 years. For many more years she has worked as a science journalist and broadcaster – and is now the Presenter & Producer of Radio National’s program All in the Mind. Lynne is passionate about people and their personal experience and is curious and analytical about what makes us tick. She loves the power of the story to inform and engage people about a wide range of scientific, psychological and societal issues.

Lynne has received a number of awards for her work in radio including Bronze & Gold Medals in the New York Radio Festivals International Awards, the Michael Daley Award for Journalism in Science, finalist status in the Eureka Awards and she has twice won the radio award from the NSW Mental Health Services for two of her All in the Mind series.

Lynne is delighted to be hosting All in the Mind because she finds the workings of the human mind and how that affects our lives endlessly fascinating.

Jesse Shore 180x250Dr Jesse Shore, Prismatic Sciences

Jesse Shore is passionate about engaging the community with science and in looking for ways to weave together the arts and sciences. He has been developing science based exhibitions and events since 1984, and was President of the Australian Science Communicators from 2010-2012. His business, Prismatic Sciences, produced five travelling exhibitions for the Royal Australian Chemical Institute for the 2011 International Year of Chemistry and he manages the ongoing national tour.

Jesse previously worked at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney as an exhibition project leader and Senior Curator of sciences. While at the museum he was one of the founders of the Ultimo Science Festival, a major National Science Week activity. He is currently collaborating with an artist to create artworks which have a science slant.

Andrew Stephenson 188x250

This triple-anniversary event is hosted by:

Dr Andrew Stephenson, The University of Queensland

After studying astrophysics in his undergraduate and honours degrees, Andrew switched focus to studying superconducting plastics for his PhD. During his time as a student Andrew was very active in science outreach, winning several awards/competitions.

Since 2010 Andrew has been working full time as Science Communicator for the School of Mathematics and Physics at The University of Queensland. In addition to organising BrisScience Andrew runs the Science Demo Troupe, and each year personally runs hundreds of science demonstration shows and workshops for thousands of students all over Queensland. Through his outreach, Andrew has shared his enthusiasm for science with kids in every corner of the state, and even took liquid nitrogen to the Simpson Desert.


This BrisScience-Australian Science Communicators event is proudly sponsored by the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Science Communicators.

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