Monday 12 August, 2013 – National Science Week

For National Science Week BrisScience is teaming up with the State Library of Queensland and Inspiring Australia to present a Cafe Scientifique. This special event with BrisScience’s own Joel Gilmore promises to be educational, entertaining and delicious!

Scientist in the kitchen: How science is changing how we cook

Dr Joel Gilmore, ROAM Consulting

Tea ravioliWe are approaching a revolution in the way we cook. Food scientists are now able to tell us not just what works in the kitchen but why, identifying the underlying (horrendously complicated!) chemical processes. Even better, equipped with the latest technology science can help us cook in better, or even completely new ways. Armed with the twin tools of knowledge and technology, the world’s leading chefs are creating new flavours, textures and experiences that are making their way into the home kitchen.

Dr Joel Gilmore will discuss the science AND demonstrate the methods behind cutting edge cuisine: from cooking the perfect steak in a rice cooker to how a whiskey sour is like a pavlova to the latest developments in molecular gastronomy (such as coffee caviar and green tea ravioli)!

We’ll project all the demonstrations onto the screen for maximum visibility, and there’ll be taste tests afterwards for the keen. So come along to see how chemistry, physics and even psychology all play a role in the dishes of tomorrow, and get some practical tips on how to cook better – with science!

26 - Joel Gilmore

Dr Joel Gilmore completed a PhD in physics at the University of Queensland in 2007. He then spent two years as a full time science communicator, managing  a group of physics performers (the Physics Demo Troupe) that he co-founded in 2002 and doing public lectures, radio and television appearances. In 2008, he joined ROAM Consulting where he is now the Principal of the Renewable Energy & Climate Policy team, providing advice to industry and government on transitioning Australia to a low emissions future.

As a great lover of cooking (and even more so of eating) he began applying his physics background to understanding exactly why recipes say what they do – why don’t you fully mix muffins, and why does pasta need lots of boiling water? (To prevent gluten, and it doesn’t, respectively.) His current passion is pancakes, and, as such, he has now tried nearly every recipe on the internet. (And loving it.)

In his spare time, he likes swing dancing, theatre sports, travelling (43 countries so far), stand-up comedy, learning new musical instruments and, occasionally, unicyling to work.

This Cafe Scientifique event is proudly brought to you by BrisScience, the State Library of Queensland and Inspiring Australia.



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