Tuesday 17 November, 2009

Plugging into our future: the research powering the energy debate

BrisScience in partnership with the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) on the occasion of ATSE’s 32nd National Symposium – Future-proofing Australia: Rising to the Challenge of Climate

Change Australia’s energy requirements are growing every year, with Queensland’s consumption increasing more quickly than anywhere else. But what will feed this growth over the next ten or fifty years? With climate change at crisis point, low emission technologies and renewable energy will be essential for Australia’s energy future.

There is healthy debate, however, amongst environmentalists, engineers, governments, and residents as to what those technologies should be. Should we be building wind generators, installing solar panels or investing in carbon capture and storage? Will geothermal and wave power be viable? What about nuclear energy? Most importantly, what are the costs, benefits and risks of the upcoming technologies, and how will they affect you, the consumer?

Join Dr Joel Gilmore and a team of expert panelists as they discuss the merits and implications of a range of current and future technologies – from wind to solar to clean coal, and more – in this special BrisScience session in partnership with ATSE.

Panelists include:

  • John Loughhead, Executive Director, UK Energy Research Centre
  • Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg – Director, Global Change Institute, UQ
  • Professor Kelly Thambimuthu, FTSE – Director, Centre for Coal Energy Technology (CCETech), UQ
  • Peter Meurs – Managing Director, Worley Parsons
  • Dr Adrian Williams, Australian Representative, International Partnership for Geothermal Technology NEW ADDITION TO THE PANEL

Venue: State Library of Queensland, Auditorium 1
Date: Tuesday 17 November, 2009 @ 6.30 pm (Doors open at 6 pm)
Questions? Contact Lynelle (l.ross@smp.uq.edu.au)


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