Thursday September 13 2007

Dating the Past: The Science of When Things Happened

Chris Turney



What is the Turin Shroud? When were the Pyramids built? Where are the branches on the human family tree? Why did the dinosaurs die out? How did the Earth take shape?With questions like these, Dr. Turney will show time is of the essence. Understanding how we pinpoint the past is crucial to putting the present in perspective and planning for the future.Chris Turney is a British Geologist currently based at the University of Wollongong, Australia. He did the radiocarbon dating on the ‘Hobbit’ fossil of Flores, Indonesia, that hit the headlines worldwide. He has published numerous scientific papers and magazine articles and done many media interviews thanks to his infectious enthusiasm for working out how old things are ( had 200 free tickets to this event. Unfortunately the response has been overwhelming and the tickets have all been taken. You can still purchase tickets from the Brisbane Writers Festival booking Office ( you to all those who have requested tickets and helped to make this event a huge success!

  • Time: 8.15pm – 9.15pm
  • Venue: Powerhouse Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse
  • Questions? Contact Joel (0411 267 044 or
  • This event is proudly supported by



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