Monday March 19 2007

The Origin of the Universe and Life

Dr Charles Lineweaver



In this talk, astrobiologist and cosmologist Charles Lineweaver will review what we think we know about the origin of the universe and the origin of life. Where and when did the first stars and terrestrial planets form? Where is there liquid water in the universe? How old is life on Earth? Is life common in the universe? Dr Lineweaver will give pretty good answers to most of these questions and educated speculations about the origin of life on Earth, in our Galaxy and in the Universe.

  • Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm (Doors Open at 6 pm)
  • Venue: Ithaca auditorium, City Hall
  • Refreshments: There will be complimentary drinks and nibblies following the talk, and Ian will be available to answer any questions.
  • Questions? Contact Jennifer (0408 796 357 or

Dr Charles H. Lineweaver studies cosomlogy, exoplanetology, and astrobiology (using our new knowledge of cosmology to constrain life in the Universe). He was a member of the COBE team that discovered the fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background. He now coordinates the Planetary Science Institute and holds an associate professorship in the Research Schools of Astronomy and Astrophysics and Earth Sciences at the Australian National University. He is the son of a high school biology teacher, has lived in or traveled through 62 countries, speaks four languages and was a semi-professional soccer player in Germany.