Monday 18 August, 2014 – National Science Week

29 07 2014

Cosmic Connections

Prof Lawrence Krauss, Arizona State UniversityLawrence Krauss 204x251

Internationally renowned physicist and science populariser Professor Lawrence Krauss is coming to Brisbane for an evening of science at a very special BrisScience National Science Week event! His talk, “Cosmic Connections”, will touch on some of the deepest questions of physics, after which Lawrence will be joined on stage by other world-leading physicists – each representing a different field of physics – for a panel discussion driven by questions from the audience. With a cast of experts for you to question at will, this event will cover everything from sub-atomic particles to galaxy superclusters, from the big bang to the death of the universe – and everything in between.

If you ever wondered how the universe works or what makes a physicist’s mind tick then this is an event not to be missed. Prof Krauss’s talks are always sold-out events, so secure your ticket quickly through the details below – the evening will also include complimentary food and drink for a truly cultural experience.

Please note that this is a ticketed event. Tickets can be purchased online.

  • Time: 6:30 – 9:30pm, Monday 18 August. Doors open at 6pm.
  • Venue: The EdgeState Library of Queensland, South Brisbane.
  • Tickets: have sold out.
  • Refreshments: There will be an intermission where food and drink will be served.
  • Questions? For any further information please contact Andrew.

This BrisScience event was proudly sponsored by The Faculty of Science at The University of Queensland
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Monday 15 September, 2014 – UQ Research Week

29 07 2014

In September BrisScience will once again present The University of Queensland’s annual Research Week Public Lectures. This year’s talks are:

Why Groups are the Cornerstone of Mental Health

Prof Alex Haslam, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland

Mental health 300x198Joining just one social group today you will cut your risk of being diagnosed with depression in the next two years by 24%.  Such statistics point to the fact that groups are as important for health as diet, exercise, and genetics. Yet their importance is rarely discussed, and far less explained.

This lecture, by Prof Alex Haslam, will discuss how social groups — and the identities they give us — are central to our psychology.  Not only are they a source of social support but they also imbue us with a sense of meaning, belonging, purpose, and agency. In this way, the talk makes the case for a radical change in public discourse about health and well-being and in the policies that service this.

Alex Haslam 1 201x250Alex Haslam is Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology and Australian Laureate Fellow at The University of Queensland. His research focuses on the study of group and identity processes in organizational, social, and clinical contexts.

Together with colleagues, Alex has written and edited 11 books. His most recent books are Social Psychology: Revisiting the Classic Studies (2012) and The New Psychology of Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power (2011).

His work with Michelle Ryan on the Glass Cliff was identified by the New York Times as one of the ‘Best 100 Ideas’ of 2008. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and for the Association for Psychological Science, and on the editorial board of 10 international journals including Scientific American Mind for which he writes regularly.

Treating Arthritis and Diabetes in the Digital Age: A Personalised Approach

Prof Ranjeny Thomas, Diamantina Institute, The University of Queensland

The digital age has brought technologies streaming personalised information right into our hands, onto our wrists, into our wallets and our clothes. What if we could take an individual’s genetic and cellular information and use it to customise personalised smart therapies for crippling and expensive diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune diabetes?

In this talk, Professor Ranjeny Thomas from the TRI will demonstrate how she and her team have developed smart personalised therapies for rheumatoid arthritis, designed based on an individual’s genetic, antibody and cellular information, and their work towards similar personalised approaches in type 1 diabetes.

Ranjeny Thomas 1 200x250Prof Ranjeny Thomas is clinical Rheumatologist at Princess Alexandra Hospital and head of the Immunology programme at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. Her research is focussed on the study of autoimmune disease and restoration of tolerance. Through this work, she developed and tested the first rheumatoid arthritis vaccine.

Ranjeny has also contributed major insights into the pathogenesis of spondyloarthropathies and autoimmune diabetes, leading to the development of disease biomarkers and therapeutic strategies. Ranjeny is founder and a director of the spin-off company, Dendright, which is developing vaccines to suppress autoimmune diseases.

  • Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm, Monday 15 September.
  • Venue: The EdgeState Library of Queensland, South Brisbane.
  • Arrangements: Doors open at 6pm. No need to book – just show up!
  • Refreshments: There will be complimentary drinks and nibblies following the talk, where Prof Alex Haslam and Prof Ranjeny Thomas will be available to answer any questions.
  • Questions about this event? Contact Andrew.

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This BrisScience event was proudly sponsored by  The University of Queensland.
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6-9 November, 2014

29 07 2014

Journey Through the Cosmos

QSO12574-WebGraphic_QPAC719x281A four day celebration of music, science and the wonders of the cosmos exclusive to Queensland featuring international rockstar physicist Professor Brian Cox.

Outstanding performances, invigorating talks and unique experiences.

  • Immerse yourself in Holst’s The Planets Suite against a stunning backdrop of cosmic vision.
  • Join Brian Cox, the Australian Voices, legendary violinist Jack Liebeck and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra for an out of this world experience.
  • Hear the world premiere of Dario Marianelli’s Voyager Violin Concerto
  • Be part of the conversation with lectures including Composing for Hollywood with Academy Award winner Dario Marianelli, Einstein’s Universe with particle physicist Professor Brian Foster and The Physics of Time illustrated performance and talk featuring Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time with Professor Brian Cox

Find out more here.

Time: 6-9 November 2014

Venue: QPAC Concert Hall

Cost: Premium packages available as well as individual concert prices.

Tickets: QTIX 136 246


Monday 28 July, 2014 – Qskeptics

28 07 2014


Prof Matt Cooper, The University of Queensland

MattCooper 200x250An antibiotic is an agent that either kills or inhibits the growth of a microorganism. Bugs however are alive ……… and they evolve.

The range of antibiotics we have had available to us is shrinking, not only because of ‘overuse’ but simply because we ‘use’ them at all. We are looking down the barrel of humans dying of infections caused by simple wounds like a graze on the knee. Many strains of known diseases like TB are now multiple drug resistant (MDR), and many other diseases are well on their way to being MDR. Where to from here??

  • Time: Dinner 6pm, Meeting 7:30pm.
  • Venue: The Redbrick Hotel, Cnr Annerley and Stephens Rd, Woolloongabba.
  • Arrangements: Doors open at 6pm. No need to book – just show up!
  • Questions? For any further information please contact Bob.

Tuesday 22 July, 2014

22 07 2014

National Pain Week Free Public Forum

Chronic pain is notoriously difficult to treat, affects one in five Australians, and costs the Australian economy $34 billion each year. Please join us to learn more about how research is helping to change this.

Scientists at the IMB Centre for Pain Research aim to improve quality of life for people living with pain by understanding how the body feels pain. From this new knowledge, we are developing targeted drugs and diagnostics to detect and individually treat pain, without the risk of addiction and dangerous side effects of current drugs. Specifically, our research focuses on treating pain that is difficult to manage, such as neuropathic, diabetic, chemotherapy, and cancer pain.

The presentations at this free public forum are:

The science of pain and recent advances in pain research
Professor Richard Lewis
Lab Head, Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Director, IMB Centre for Pain Research

New methods for managing severe and chronic pain
Professor Julia Fleming
Director, Professor Tess Cramond Multidisciplinary Pain Centre, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
Adjunct Clinical Professor, UQ School of Medicine

How centipede venom could be the new morphine
Professor Glenn King
Lab Head, Institute for Molecular Bioscience

National Pain Week 510x140

  • Time: 6 – 7pm, Tuesday 22 July, 2014.
  • Venue: Large seminar room, Queensland Biosciences Precinct, The University of Queensland.
  • Registration: Please click here to register.
  • Refreshments: Refreshments will be served after the talks.
  • Questions? For any further information please email

Monday 14 July, 2014 – AMSI Winter School public lecture

14 07 2014

Cracking the Quantum Code

Prof Andrew White, School of Mathematics and Physics, The University of Queensland

code lock 300x260In order to achieve the technology of futuristic science-fiction movies mankind needs to move beyond our current computers, which are based on technology that was first developed over half a century ago. As we approach the atomic limit of Moore’s Law computers will need to change from silicon chips to quantum processes.

In this public lecture Prof White will lead you through the progress and the pitfalls of quantum computing and cryptography. He will explain how these machines, which use strange subatomic behaviour, could spark a computer revolution.

  • Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm, Monday 14 July, 2014.
  • Venue: The EdgeState Library of Queensland, South Brisbane.
  • Arrangements: Doors open at 6pm. No need to book – just show up!
  • Refreshments: There will be complimentary drinks and nibblies following the talk, where Prof Andrew White will be available to answer any questions.
  • Questions? For any further information please contact Andrew.

Andrew White 197x250

Prof Andrew White enjoys communicating the weirdness of quantum mechanics while making sure people know just how much fun science really is.

Over the years Andrew has conducted research on various topics including shrimp eyes, nuclear physics, optical vortices, and quantum computers. He likes quantum weirdness for its own sake, but his current research aims to explore and exploit the full range of quantum behaviours—notably entanglement—with an eye to engineering new technologies and scientific applications.

Andrew is the Deputy Director at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS) and Program Manager at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computing and Communication Technology (CQC2T).

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This BrisScience event is proudly sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Science Institute.

Monday 30 June, 2014 – Qskeptics

30 06 2014

The Science of What Separates Us From Other Animals

Prof Thomas Suddendorf, The University of Queensland

SuddendorfThere are many conjectures that have tried to define what makes us different from the other animals. Once it was that humans were the only animals to use tools until it was shown that everything from birds to primates use tools. Eagles and cuttlefish have better eyes than humans, plenty of animals are stronger, faster, more exquisitely adapted to their environments, hear better and have better senses of all kinds. But we can think…..I think; we are ‘self aware’ whatever that is. I think I am therefore?

  • Time: Dinner 6pm, Meeting 7:30pm.
  • Venue: The Redbrick Hotel, Cnr Annerley and Stephens Rd, Woolloongabba.
  • Arrangements: Doors open at 6pm. No need to book – just show up!
  • Questions? For any further information please contact Bob.


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